Meet Rhea Daniels

Committed to the Art of Dressing Well, Rhea Daniels is the Chief Style Officer and founder of Papierdoll Factory (PDF). Based in Atlanta, Daniels is a premier wardrobe consultant who brings style, convenience, and value to her clients. Rhea helps clients stay on-point, while staying true to their own personal style, lifestyle, and vision for the future. Her clients described her as a trusted adviser who handles their wardrobe worries while giving them back their valuable time.

A longtime lover of fashion, Rhea Daniels honed her styling prowess modeling around the world. From the United States to Japan, Rhea has walked runways and posed for fashion spreads across continents. This world view allows her to bring multicultural high fashion directly to your closet. With her invaluable network of designers, retailers, buyers and shop owners, Rhea gives clients the inside track to chic, figure flattering, fashion-forward style so clients can plan their wardrobe enhancements.

From the corporate boardroom to lifestyle looks, Rhea’s expertise saves clients from style gridlock. Whether you’re looking for the right suit, on-trend pieces that match your style, or an entire wardrobe overhaul, Rhea can ensure you make the right impression.


Check out the interview that Chief Style Officer Rhea Daniels did with blogger Neysa Taylor (@Myriadthatisme).

In the article, Rhea discusses what makes someone a “Papierdoll” and how styling can increase your brand.