By all accounts, there’s a large facet of American culture that can be described as a “Local Celebrity”. She is always “In Service”. She is many things to many people. Her reach is global in scale. She represents the very best of what America has to offer. She is always on the go. Her social calendar is brimming with work, family, and social responsibilities in which she is the “STAR” of the show. She has chosen to embrace all her hopes & dreams as well as master her responsibilities.

She is by definition a “PAPIERDOLL”.

It was one part vision, one part passion, and one part initiative, that brought Rhea Daniels, Chief Style Officer, to pursue her dream of bridging access to affordable high quality styling services to women in transition via PAPIERDOLL FACTORY (PDF).

PAPIERDOLL FACTORY is a virtual fashion ecosystem where we assist clients with discovering their PERSONAL STYLE, facilitating SHOPPING excursions, cultivating BRAND STYLING for entrepreneurs, optimizing TRAVEL PACKING, and curating BOUTIQUE STYLE CLOSET ORGANIZATION. In true exquisite boutique fashion, PDF meets you where you are on your fashion journey.

At PAPIERDOLL FACTORY, we’ve cultivated a culture committed to offering superior customer service, and an environment that is brimming with wardrobe enhancement solutions for any budget that embodies our mission: “COMMITTED TO THE ART OF DRESSING WELL”.

Whether you are in the market for a little luxury bespoke, bohemian rhapsody, rock star edge, casual chic, business executive, or something somewhere in between. We recognize, offer, and seek to always provide you with fresh, on-trend, transitional styling options and services.

Say goodbye to closet meltdowns and wasted money on clothing that doesn't fit, flatter, or serve you. 

Don’t leave your PERSONAL BRAND to chance, "PDF" your life.