Undergarments 101


Unless you’ve found yourself in an akward fashion crisis of sorts, you probably haven’t given much thought to how important the right undergarments can be. Let us review the list of the "Dirty  Dozen" infrastructure pieces that make you look fabulous in our Papierdoll Factory finds.



1. T-Shirt Bra
Look for a smooth, molded-cup bra that covers the entire bustline. Unless you need a little extra lift, non-padded versions are best for giving you a clean, natural look. Choose a style with no lace or embellishments. Simple straps ensure a flawless finish.
2. Convertible Bra

Pick a "nude" supportive, strapless bra with demi-cups, low-cut sides and convertible straps that will keep you adequately covered.Look for a convertible bra that has thin, slightly sticky silicone strips inside the top and sides of the bra. These little strips adhere to your skin and help keep the bra in place. 
3. Plunge Bra

Choose a plunge bra that sits low at the bust and has curved cups to firmly keep bra in place.

4. Underwire Bra

A good underwire bra is your best option for proper support and a clean, flattering look. They give you a great shape and excellent support throughout the day. When trying them on, make sure the underwire sits snug against your chest; it shouldn’t gap. The underwire should also sit under your breasts; make sure they don’t slide up. 

5. Camisole With Bra Cups

Choose a camisole with bra cups built right in. This common-sense garment is the perfect answer to the question of what to wear underneath a blazer, with low-cut and sheer blouses and with oversize cardigans. It’s a great layering option.
6. Full Slip

Pick a simple, unfussy bias slip that covers a bra on top and hits right at the knee.  If you’re investing in one for a specific dress, make sure the colors are complementary and not too dark or too light. It should blend in with your dress, not overpower it.

7. Shaping Slip

A good shaping slip will refine your silhouette and make you look slim and smooth. When you have a fitted dress or a fitted top and skirt and you need a little extra help, the shaping slip is your best friend. The right one will virtually disappear under your clothing and can make you look like you are one or two sizes smaller.

8. High-Waisted Panty

High-waisted panties that offer comfort and coverage (from all the elements, including wind) are made for swing dresses, skirts and more man-tailored trousers. 

9. Shaping Panty

Sitting somewhere between snug and comfortable, the shaping panty holds you in and smoothes the tummy, hips and behind. It also gives you a great shape underneath your clothing. Choose a shaping panty that completely covers your stomach. Higher waisted options tend to work best.

10. Seamless Brief or Boy Short

One of the best innovations to hit lingerie in recent years is the seamless panty. Showing virtually no lines underneath clothing, these lightweight, micro-fiber bottoms eliminate the visible panty line (VPL) from your wardrobe and your life.

11. Nude String Thong

That inconspicuous trianglar piece of fabric doesnt look much. However the nude thong  the perfect undergarment for tight-fitting knit and slinky dresses, leather jeans or other skinny pants. It goes virtually undetected. Remember to choose the "Nude" color for YOU.

12. Low-Rise Thong

Low-waisted jeans and trousers  require a low rise thong. Low-rise thongs sit comfortably on the low hip and will never make an uninvited guest appearance.