Purple Reign


Every December the fashion world sits on pins and needles, anxiously waiting for the pivotal moment when the Color of the Year is revealed to us mere mortals.

On December 7th, 2017 at 4:21pm EST,  Pantone revealed that  “Ultra Violet”, 18-3838 to be exact, is the 2018 Color of the Year.

ultraviolet main .jpg

A provocative & mystical hue of purple that exudes feelings of intrigue, non-conformity, and just plain ole magic. A favorite shade of popular global icons such as David Bowie, Queen Elizabeth, and the legendary Prince Rodgers Nelson. All of whom are considered visionaries in their respective field. Ultra Violet exudes confidence, affluence, and sensuality. Who couldn’t use a jolt  of these traits infused into their personal brand from time to time?

So let’s explore some ways to incorporate this intoxicating shade into your current wardrobe.


Have a favorite monochromatic outfit? Try adding an Ultra Violet accessory like a pair of statement ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelets. This option offers just the right amount of subdued glamour to turn heads.

purple ring .jpeg


Feeling a little edgier? Why not test your comfort with a ultra-violet separate i.e. a top, a skirt, or pants. Pairing the sultry tint with a neutral (white, black, grey) can tame this fierce pigment into sophisticated submission.

purple skirt.jpg

"Dare Devil”:

For you fashion mavens, who are looking to stop time when you enter a room, I suggest making a bold statement with coat, jumpsuit or dress/gown. Pair with attention grabbing red, pink, and green hues to prime stand out moments with your new adorning “fans”.


As always, we’d love to see your interpretation of “Purple Reign’.  Tell us what you think about our suggestions or better yet show us how you're incorporating this royal hue into your wardrobe this You can find us on Facebook, IG, and or Twitter.


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Happy Shopping!


~The Original Papierdoll~