Closet Organization Tips

Closet Organization Tips

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Ever notice someone who always seems to be "put together"?  Odds are that that well-dressed person has a well-organized closet. A well-organized closet makes your wardrobe visually appealing, promotes more wears per item, and inadvertently makes more room for more pliable wardrobe options.

Below are a few closet organization tips that will make your daily dressing routine smoother than ever.

#1 Purge, Purge, and Purge


It is so much easier to get dressed when you have less clothes. Sounds crazy, but this a true story. Start by remove all of the pieces that you haven’t worn or should never have worn but did. Then you will only have “good stuff” left. The pieces that are the most flattering, that fit properly, and that you love.

Once you gather all unwanted items, don’t throw them away. Let’s avoid filling landfills with unwanted clothes. Sell or donate. You can sell new or gently used clothing on Poshmark. or Thread Up

Don’t have time or desire to sell, then donate unwanted items to local organizations or to


Salvation Army

#2 Hangers Matter

Joy Managano velvet shirt hangers in Yellow.

Joy Managano velvet shirt hangers in Yellow.

If your closet happens a bit disheveled like a clearance rack at the local department store, this a clear sign it’s time to upgrade your hangers. Ditching the mix-matched hanger styles that you’ve accumulated up over the years, will give your closet a professional, polished and organized look.

When it comes to hangers one size, does not fit all. Different apparel types require different style hangers to maintain clothes shape and integrity.  It’s important to consider what types of clothes you typically hang, when embarking on hanger selection. Do you have a lot of heavy coats that cause traditional hangers to give, bend or even break? Or do you save your closet space for blouses, slacks, dresses, skirts and or suits? Most of people tend to have a mixture of apparel types, so it’s advisable to buy various types of hangers — just try to keep the color scheme similar to maintain a unified look.

If you are trying to optimize closet space, velvet hangers are a great option. Velvet hangers come in a multitude of colors, look great and are a perfect choice for any items that are prone to slippage in your closet. They are also space saving — taking up less of a profile than wood and or plastic hangers. The Joy Managano velvet hangers can hold 10 pounds of weight, despite it’s ultra lightweight frame. There are also various hanger styles to accommodate your personal styling storage needs.

#3 Closet Organization System


It is easy to become entranced by all of the beautiful organized closets seen online. However, don’t be tempted to pick a carbon copy from an image. Each closet owner has unique spacing needs that should considered before choosing a system. Once you’ve accessed your personal closet needs,  IKEA and The Container store, have a lot of affordable closet organization systems.

EXTRA TIPS: Not quite really for full closet organization system? Here are a few budget friendly closet organization hacks that you can easily implement to spruce up your closet space.

#1-Install Towel Bars or Hooks to accommodate scarves, ties and belts rather than using up valuable hanger space.

#2-Add Built-in Drawers Systems or Baskets for other accommodating accessories such as sunglasses, hats, or jewelry.

#3-Add Shelves to hold folded sweaters and or tops.

#4-Move your Hanger Rod higher. This creates adequate space for a shoe rack underneath while high heel shoes can be hung on rails inside your door.


#5-Add a Mirror or two to your home. Try one on or near the closet door and one near your front door to make sure you look good every time you dress.

Please be advised that maintaining an organized closet will always be an ongoing process, because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process. Still have questions? Need help?  Hit us up on the Chat Box on our website.

Happy Organizing, Papierdolls!