How to Select a Hat

How to Select a Hat

"Papierdolls",  It's that time of year again. Well, that statment may be a bit of a misconception. Truth be told, "Every season is actually Hat Season". Despite common folklore, everyone and I do mean everyone can wear hats.

Here are five tried and true tips to help you incorporate hats into your wardrobe.

1. FIT- It is imperative that whatever hat you chose. it needs to fit properly.  The hat should sit squarely on your head and cover most of your forehead.

2. STYLE- There are literly hundreds of hat styles from which to choose. Pageboy, Trilby, Fedora, Panama, Cowboy, Baseball Cap and Wide Brim and the few varieties that instantly come to mind. Consider your personal style and face shape when choosing hats that flatter. Don't forget to also experiment with wearing your hat with various angles. You might be surprised how good an off-center hat may look on you.


3. HAIRSTYLE- Consider your hair style under the hat. It may be a great time saver and garner  you extra style points to play up your natural hair texture under your hat. Other casual chic hairstyles that are perfect for wearing a hat, include braids and or low sleek ponytail

4. BALANCE-  Since hats tends to be the focal point of an outfit. It's important to coordinate a more basic ensemble to wear with your hat to create much-needed balance.

5. CONFIDENCE-  Wear your hat with confidence. There's only one you. I'm merely suggesting that while you are out here in the world exceeding expectation, empowering people and inspiring others that you remain uber chic.