Swimwear for Everyone


Swimwear for Everyone

Summer time is here, Papierdolls! With warm weather, sunny skies, and bountiful vacation time (perhaps wishful thinking), our summer wardrobe wouldn't be complete without assessing our swimwear collection or the lack there of. As with any apparel, it's important to to discover or re-discover the most flattering cute, colors, patterns and coverage .

The good news is that there is a swimsuit for every body type. Want substantive proof? Start a internet search for swimsuits for women and take a quick survey of how many choices are available. I'll wait.

In the meantime, arm yourself with tried and true PDF styling tricks so you'll be able to stroll seaside with confidence.

Body Type: Inverted Triangle

Every single woman who happen to be blessed with an ample bust line is able to relate to the fact that they can struggle to find swimwear that is able to cover up and keep everything in place. Acquiring a high quality constructed swimsuit is key. Be advised that one piece swimsuits are not your only option. There are several two piece options that offer coverage and allow you to flaunt a svelte waistline. PDF suggests graviating towards swimwear options that that have steady underwire, with adjustable straps and some very soft padding for sexy and secure fit.

Body Type: Triangle

Need bit of a lift? Explore swimsuits options with some type of embellishment on top to enhance and help balance out one's figure. PDF recommends a wrap style, halter splashes of color, prints, and or ruffles that cleverly elevate the chest region. Avoid gravitating toward swimsuit styles that possess excessive padding.

Body Type: Pear Shape

The key here is to find a swimsuit style that offer balance to your enviable figure. One option is to look for a clean-skirted bottom in a solid dark color that falls just below the largest part of the upper leg. Equally effective, one can opt for a plunging neckline or eye-catching top that draws the eye upward. If you are looking for a swimsuit that will be able to minimize your hips, get a sweetheart neckline or a ruched waist as this will draw attention away from areas you do not want attention. Avoid reaching for a boy short or thick-banded bottoms swimsuit styles.

Body Type: Column

Create curves, by choose swimsuits with contrasting colors that go from light to dark or deep V-neck styles with cinching along the waist are both options that emphasize your waistline.

Body Type: Round

Whether you prefer to be covered up or you're out to slim your middle, there are a number of one-piece and two-piece suits, like high-waisted or tankini styles, that help to smooth out the middle. "Shirring" swimsuit varieties are great for camoflaging and creating a more defined waist. A figure-flattering surplice-wrap silhouette trims the waist with its crossover fabric. If you happen to carry your weight in the lower part of your belly, try on a retro-inspired, high-waisted suit. They're on trend and ace for covering the waist.


Focus on the 3 C's. Comfort, convienence, and Cute!! Make sure to not wear anything too tight. Tankini sstyles offer a good fit by providing you ample "wiggle" room, sun protection, and easy access to a growing belly. Two-piece swimsuit styles may also be good as it makes restroom breaks a breeze.


There are tons of swimsuit styles available with unique cuts and interesting shapes, so that easily conceal a scar or two. Consider a cropped top style if your scars are located on your chest, upper back, or shoulders. Suits with strategically placed mesh insets allow for full coverage while still showing a bit of skin.

 Happy swimsuit shopping, Papierdolls. We'd love to see your swimsuit finds. Tag us on Instagram #PDF or #Papierdolls