How to find a great tailor

How to Find a Great Tailor

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Besides securing an phenomenal stylist (i.e Papierdoll Factory), finding a great tailor is essential to upgrading your wardrobe. In the market for a master tailor?  You are in luck. Here PDF offers a few fail proof tips for finding a great tailor.

1. Seek/Check Recommendations

You may need to cast your net far and wide when looking for a great tailor. Ask your family, friends, and associates to recommend one to you. You can also find reviews online about different tailors located around your area and see if their clients were satisfied. Be mindful to sift through various reviews to discard those that may merely be propaganda. or are great places to start your review of recommendations.

2. Visit the Store

Look around at the workspace. The best tailors I've worked with tend to have the cleanest and most organized workspaces.  An orderly workspace can be indicative of how they deeply they care about presentation.

3. Check Their Work

Ask to see something they just altered. Why? A good tailor will be quite proud of their work. They may even provide some commentary explaining what steps they executed to refine the apparel for their customer.

4. Conduct a Test Run

Ask the tailor to “edit” an article of clothing that you can use as a sample of his or her work. This test run will allow you to assess the quality of work, customer service, & professional demeanor. 

5. Trust your Intuition

Does the tailor offer any recommendations? Do you trust the recommendations of the tailor? If all is well with the service you received, then you can hire him/her for more significant outfits. i.e wedding dresses, business suits, special event wear.

6.  Build a Relationship

Do they remember your name? Do they remember your style preferences or do they just push what they think looks proper on you. Gravitate towards a tailor who you are comfortable with and do not feel pressured by.

Once you’ve identified a tailor who satisfies both your clothing needs and your customer service expectations, you’ve hit the jackpot, Papierdolls! You can know proceed with shopping with complete confidence that  the gift of perfect fit is now in your future.