Be Kind and Consign with Poshmark

It’s that time of year time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning, which should include a refresh of your closet.

Could you benefit from help organizing your closet, shopping for versatile wardrobe staples, curating “new” outfits, and or updating your Personal Brand?

Of course you could. In need of STYLING SERVICES and think you can’t afford it?  You are in luck. I have a “thrifty” solution for you.

Start a POSHMARK Store! What are the benefits of starting your very own POSHMARK Store? 

Besides freeing up of valuable closet real estate, minimizing the carbon footprint of prematurely discarded clothes, significant profits can be made from selling your gently used and or unworn apparel. 

Some Papierdoll Factory clients have made up to $500 a month on POSHMARK, with some one on one coaching. POSHMARK profits can easily be re-purposed to fund professional STYLING SERVICES. 

Here’s a great info-graphic that illustrates how you can start your very own POSHMARK Store today.

Need an extra incentive? 

Earn $5 by using Code  PAPIERDOLL when setting up your Poshmark Store.

Still need help? Book a Free consultation with Papierdoll Factory today!

“Happy Reselling”

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