Top 3 Travel Tips to Ease Summer Travel

Summer is here! That means that summer 2019 travel season is almost in full swing.

U.S airlines are expecting this summer to be the busiest in the history of US air travel, estimating that 246 million passengers will fly with U.S. airlines between June 1 and August 31, 2019.

With all that movement, there is no doubt that some vacationers will find themselves spending money on excess baggage fees and or dealing with lost or delayed luggage.

Papierdoll Factory has assembled three simple yet effective tips to help enhance your summer travel experience.

I. Mail Your Stuff Back Home.

If you are lot most people, vacation is often a time when you find yourself doing some excess shopping. Try mailing all you wonderful new finds in a US Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. At the rate $17.60, the US Priority Mail Flat Rate Box beat a $100 excess baggage fee every day of the week.


2. Take a Luggage Selfie.

At this point chances are you, have perfected your selfie game. While you are capturing all the cool moments of your vacation, be sure to take a few selfies of your luggage. Why would this be helpful? Well, if you are traveling out of the country and your bag happens to get lost. You can simply share the photo of your lost bag so that authorities can complete the required lost luggage form. This helps avoid potential translation issues that could delay the location of your lost bag.


3. Pack Strategically.

If you are traveling as a couple, pack a two day supply of clothes in each others bags. If one bag is lost , then the traveler will at least have a couple days of suitable clothing while their luggage is being located. Traveling solo? Pack a two day supply of clothes in your carry on bag to prevent interruption to your trip itinerary due to a lost bag.



We hope these travel tips are helpful. Take pics and tag us on your stylish adventures. Do you have any great travel hack ideas. Share your ideas in the comments below. Happy Travel, Papierdolls!!