Three Reasons to hire a STYLIST for your next Photo Shoot


As a successful business owner, from time to time, your BRAND will benefit from the opportunity to share photos and or videos of your products and services. Whether it's head shots of key executives, a group photo of staffers, product photos and videos, besides a great professional photographer and STYLIST is also an essential part of your Brand Management Squad.

Here are has three reasons your should definitely hire a STYLIST for your next photo shoot:

1. Establish & align your BRAND with your IMAGE

All great STYLISTS share one characteristic in common. STYLISTS are great listeners. Your STYLIST will be able to listen to vision and seamlessly integrate your personality, lifestyle, objective, story into visual art that represents your Brand.


Neither Time, Money, or Energy are limitless.

By enlisting the services of a STYLIST, you are bound to SAVE TIME by eliminating hours of shopping for items that don’t fit, or flatter or align with your BRAND.

You’ll definitely SAVE MONEY, since there will be no second guessing outfits. Your wardrobe will no doubt be be succinctly streamlined . You’ll have exactly what you need and nothing extra.

Having a STYLIST, will also SAVE ENERGY. Eliminate any stress and strain with procrastination. Don’t forget the nightmares that can be returns.


It is imperative that you show up to your photo shoot completely confident, warm, and open. All that positive energy will no doubt definitely show up behind the camera and help you connect to your customers.

As the Principal Stylist for Papierdoll Factory and I would love the opportunity to style your next photo shoot.

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